Hello WordPress!

The world of blogging is an interesting one. One that I know nothing about.

I do know that I write stories and articles everyday about things that interest me, catch my attention and that are genuinely cool. These articles and stories have no home. I simply write them because I like to.

For me blogging is a natural step to ensure that someone else will can read them, other than my poor girlfriend who is forced to read them by love.

So read on. Reflect, disagree, agree, love me, hate me, whatever. All I ask is that you have a take and that take does not suck. No this isn’t the jungle but hey it works for Rome.

If it does suck don’t worry I will tell you.


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2 thoughts on “Hello WordPress!

  1. First of all – love you and totally am interesting in your ramblings about whatever suits your fancy from week to week.

    Been thinking about a blog myself – but what to write? Should it be business focused increasing my branding of being Ms. Mentorship…or just the rockstar that I am as Janell. So many questions, so little time;)

    While I figure it out, I will continue to creep on my friend’s blogs and make comments as I see fit. As it turns out – there’s not many of me’s running around out there either;)

    Much love Nic – keep on rocking!


    • You are hilarious. I read that comment with an enormous smile on my face. The blog world can be what you make it. I think a personal blog can showcase the Rockstar that is Janelly and a blog that is connected to your Blue Ocean website can be your Janell Karst Business Woman Power house.

      You’ll find your way. Lucky for the world there are not many you’s running around. Could you imagine? I believe the Universe is only setup to handle one.

      See you soon.

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