To Blog or not to Blog


It was quite inevitable that I would end up blogging one day. My life is a blog. I comment on all around me, warping and bending things into my twisted reason.

Seeing things through these eyes can be challenging. The diverse background I represent is subtle yet colourful and with a learned tongue, I express.

To me, the most interesting thing about blogging is the way it implies the “blogger” feels he/she has something that other people want to hear/read. I mean is that comment, take, opinion so profound it must be publicized for all to see?

Of course it is. No comment or perspective is made equal some are just more thought out. This usually means they are more interesting, but not always. So should those who dare to share attempt to embrace those who care?

There is also the idea that the blogger doesn’t care to play to an audience but simply enjoys a forum to express, release or exonerate thoughts, feelings and ideas.

I am beautifully perched within these two thoughts as I feel I have something noteworthy and damn near important to say. I also feel I need to say it despite the presence or lack there of an audience.

Read it or do not read it, I care not.

My decision to blog rest on the laurels of this very idea. To not blog would be an injustice to all that can benefit from my simple insight and perspective. Not many me’s running around. Also it would be an injustice to me, robbing me of the platform in which to discharge and release myself.

To blog would be a selfish gain to not would be a dying shame. The answer is easy and apparent as here it is.

My blog.


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