Get a Pool Party in Ya!

The Luxurious Pool at the Westin Grand

The early morning sun beats down on Robson Street. People have yet to fill the empty streets instead tunes with heavy baselines dance up and down a three block radius. The sun prepares the atmosphere for the day, confidently warming the city before it comes to life. DJ Ana rivals the suns energy bringing the city to life with some beats of her own.

Nestled above Robson Street across from the library sits a weekly outdoor pool party that may help revolutionize the way Vancouverites play in the sun. In summers past, city sun basking meant hitting English Bay, Stanley Park beaches, grabbing a patio at a restaurant or one’s own patio if you are able to squeeze a chair or to onto it. This summer there are new options. Downtown outdoor pool parties are here.

The Westin Grand is opening their patio to the public, every Sunday, free of charge. The pool deck is located on the third floor and accessed from Robson Street. The deck is outdoor and the lavish setup resembles something you expect to see at a Vegas hotel. Large lounge seats, huge speakers and a full bar pouring sangrias, pina coladas and margaritas along with your typical beers and highballs. A BBQ is setup with a burger menu for any hungry pool partiers. DJ Ana bumps mash ups, pool partiers dance in and around the pool to the tunes that can be heard blocks away.

The Westin kicked off their first free pool party Sunday July 18th with a party of over 150 people.

The trend is definitely being welcomed by Vancouverites. The outdoor pool deck jamboree is unlike any public party the city has had in the past. But as unique as it is it is not the only of its kind.

The Rooftop at the Keefer Hotel

The Keefer hotel also offers a venue for a similar party on its rooftop. With 2300 square feet of interior space and 3000 square feet of outdoor deck this prestigious setting is an ideal place for a Vegas style pool party. Look for the Keefer to be rented out and for large DJ parties to take place here and probably with a heavy ticket price. With a glass bottomed swimming pool that can be viewed from inside the penthouse and a gourmet indoor kitchen the space defines the meaning of luxury.

Sneak a Peek at a Swimmer

From beaches to restaurant patios to boat parties Vancouver matures. As the city gets older and a little more populated we start to get creative in our use of space. You cannot blame us for the late start to this age-old party trend that other areas have been enjoying for decades. When you have a backyard as exquisite as ours it is no surprise we chose to party outside first.

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