Money to Blow…on Philanthropy

Money to Blow on Philanthropy!

Finish this sentence — If I had a billion dollars…

If your answer is, I will give half of it away, you can join Bill & Melina Gates and Warren Buffett in their Giving Pledge campaign. The billionaire trio are recruiting fellow billionaires to pledge to give away half of their fortunes before or at death.

According to the website:

The Giving Pledge is an effort to invite the wealthiest individuals and families in America to commit to giving the majority of their wealth to philanthropy.

Along with the pledge each billionaire has posted on the website a letter explaining why they are giving it away.  I cannot wait to analyze these testaments it will be an intriguing experiment to tap into the minds of many of the richest people alive.

Why is Bill standing so far from his wife?

The Gates-Buffet power team has been able to recruit 40 members to their pledge and is pushing for more.  Notable recruited pledgers include New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, media tycoons Barry Diller and Ted Turner, “Star Wars” movie maker George Lucas and energy giant T. Boone Pickens.

Based on Forbes magazine’s estimates of the billionaires’ wealth, at least $150 billion could be given away.

This is for real and it is fantastic.

But at the same time soooo crazy and the ultimate mind fuck. I was shocked at first but upon reflection I can see that once you have billions for a few years – or a decade or so – money becomes almost useless. It may seem like a big deal to you and I but think about it.

You have a billion; you buy some clothes, jewelry, candy, a mansion, and a couple summer homes around the world. That’s what 15 – 20 million at the most? Then you buy some cars, a yacht and other toys. Only 40 million spent and you’ve given up shopping all together. Vogue magazine is doing video shoots in your wife’s closet  (a closet that’s the size of my current apartment by the way.) Don’t forget all the while you have just made another billion selling stocks, iPhones, Windows programs or whatever you’re slanging.

With this in mind I can understand the mindset. Plus it does feel good to give. It feels great to give. To give away that much must feel like a series of several explosive orgasms.

I am proud of the billionaires of the USA. Lets take a moment to applaud them. They could just as easy be the Scrooge McDuck types; building large vaults and greedily swimming in their money.

It is a lesson to us all. Especially to rappers like Drake blowing money on a 24 hour Champagne diet…shame on you Drizzie. How does that help society and the people?

I understand the message Bill and Warren (we are on first name basis now), Give what you can. Don’t keep more than you need.

I’ll pledge. I am good for $100 where do I sign?

Random Pic - They all help each other with their game!

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