HST lives on!

Bill Vanderzalm didnt lose yesterday when Elections BC told him they will not act on the successful petition pending completion of a case before the courts. We all did. And although it sucks (name me one tax that doesn’t suck!) forget the HST for a moment. What is really sad, sickening and depressing is that he followed the rules, he played their stupid game and validated the petition: 10 percent of the voters in all 85 ridings. The rules state that we the people can fight anything the government decides to do that we do not agree with if we can demonstrate that the majority of BC residents agree. This is a myth apparently. They will stone wall the petition for years, proving the government always wins.

I know I know I used the term they, the elusive they. Who are these THEY people coming to squash our civic rights and poke fun at our perceived democracy? Acting chief electoral officer Craig James is who decided Elections BC will not act. So blame him. OR we could see him as the pawn that he is and look at our comically corrupt government that has always tried to do whatever it can for big business and the upper middle class and whom instituted the tax in the first place. Anyone that cannot see that they are playing us like idiots is brainwashed and blind. Did you know they didn’t even take the Bill for HST to be voted on by our MLAs — so the people we voted for that are supposed to speak for us in matters like this (ESPECIALLY in matters like this) were never asked their opinion. The Liberals simply waved their magic wand and made it so.

Does this not piss you off? You know what I am not even mad nope I am not. But I am sad.  Today is a really sad day for Canada. It is comical and embarrassing how badly the government treats us. It is all based on the fact that they know we will not do anything about it.

All of the corrpution and deceiving reminds me of something that could go down in Gotham City. Maybe someone will rise out of the ashes like V from Vendetta and lead the revolution (I hope its this guy). Be sure to pay attention as the revolution will not be televised.

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