Cool Kids and Advertising

I am a marketing addict I love all forms and disciplines. This campaign is terrific. It mixes genres and appeals to several demographics. Most importantly it takes the highlighted brands and associates them with a lifestyle, a culture and a degree of coolness and at the least pulls off making them seem to be relevant.  DC incoporates their brand with a unique image.

As many know The Cool Kids are one of my favourite hip-hop duos. To use all the different brand and personalities for this infomercial video is mind blowing. I only wonder how did they get the suits to agree? You can imagine how torn I am by the Video for obvious monstrous reasons but I can not deny that it is sick.

The Gymkhana videos feature Ken Block. featuring his custom-built 2011 Fiesta for the 3rd chapter in his Gymkhana series that have become an Internet phenomenon with more than 30 million views combined.

Does this kind of advertising work for you? After seeing this video do you want to rush out and get a Monster Energy Drink? When you are thinking of buy a new car does Ford stand out for you now? Or do you simply see it as a music video like any other?

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2 thoughts on “Cool Kids and Advertising

  1. Jesse Schimmel on said:

    S.I.C.K. video; S.I.C.K. idea; S.I.C.K. collaboration.

    From a marketing perspective – this is gold. Combining brands with lifestyles lets the viewer escape into a lifestyle they ‘want’ to be immersed in.

    From a purchasing perspective – while not enough to sway my purchasing habits (that’s just me), there are many (read: younger) peoples out there who (I believe) are indeed swayed by such a video / collaboration / mashing of brand and lifestyle.

    Keep up the quality blogging, thanks for The Cool Kids intro, RockStar 4 Life. Out.


  2. hahahha I am not surprised you appreciate the video man. You are like me when it comes to marketing we just get it. Thanks for the read and the comment.

    Rockstar 4 Life ahahhaha soo good.

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