Charlie Murphy @ The Vogue

In every decade or era there are influential, memorable or ever lasting bits of comedy. In 50 years when you hear it you will remember the time that is represented by the laughs the memories bring.

Charlie Murphy represents that for our era. His work on The Chappelle Show is timeless and will forever be quoted. This legend came to Vancouver and performed at The Vogue on Saturday. Now the place reminded me of a football game you know long mens washroom line up no girls washroom line up. Full of dudes. Anxiety filled the air as no one really knew what to expect from Mr Murphy.

Before we got there Vancouver native Sunee Dhaliwal took the stage. I must admit at first his awkward lankyness and baby face reminded me of an infant Gumby. A few friends had mentioned seeing him at the Vogue last year. Although right away this kid proved why he was chosen to open for Charlie Murphy. His real life Vancity observations were spot on and he held back no punches in poking fun at his height and the fact that because he is tall doesnt mean he is a tough guy — actually quite the opposite.

He spoke of his black friend Brent who is a “Toronto kind of Black” and I thought hmmm I wonder if he is talking about my cousin Brent. There are not many of us around you know… Low and behold his story was about getting Wet aka getting drunk and I knew right there it was the one and only Brent Mclaren aka Brenty boiii!! The crowd received Sunee well and roared with laughter at his chillingly accurate Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z impersonations. My only complaint is that he was not on the stage longer. Bravo Sunee aka MC SunnyD hip hop gangster rapper. Big things are in this funny mans future.

The second opener was Brooklyn native Paul Farmer aka Freez Love. He travels with Murphy as his opener. This dude is no rookie – from I Got the Hook Up Comedy Jam to Curb Your Enthusiasm – Freez Luv has been there. He had that uncle that cracks jokes at family functions way of delivering his punchlines. Like standing beside the bbq, not helping much but going on and on until he makes you burn the jerk chicken. Mr Luv started by answering the question we were all thinking, is this dude black or what? He played around with his Mexican/Black/Puerto Rican look using impersonations of South central Mexicans and quick talking Puerto Ricans before he revealed that he is actually half black and half white. My favourite jokes: 1) “What is this ‘metrosexual’? Sounds like someone who fucks buses. A bus fucker.” 2) “Most guys name Mike are assholes. If you are not laughing that probably cause your name is Mike.” and lastly 3) comparing himself to a Killer Whale (half black and half white and fat – hahahahah).  This is where he had to deal with a common Vancouver problem at Comedy shows. People who yell out.

Why do Vancouver audiences feel they need to be a part of the show? Shut the hell up you narcissistic morons no one paid money to see, hear or care about your stupid ass. Seaworld Killer whales came up and some woman yelled “Shut it down.” Which he smoothly replied “Im bout to throw meh dick in yo mouth and shut you down. And believe me, it can reach”.

Finally Mr. Charlie Murphy took the stage. No rookie himself he starts out by encouraging the fans to yell out Chapelle Show catch phrases, so they dont feel they need to yell it out during the show: “I’m Rick james Bitch“, “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”, “What did the five fingers say to the face?”, “UNITY!!!” hahaha I was happy that he wasn’t going to rely on his old stuff that we had all seen. Unfortunately Vancouver jackasses still had it in their systems to yell during his show. Murphy held it together like a pro, castrating would be hecklers by warning them he would “Ruin their life” if he had to get on them. He told one heckler “Say one more word and I’m gonna fuck your girlfriend.” I loved how he laughed at his own jokes, enjoying himself on the stage every moment of the way. His jokes were all told around the theme where you have to sometimes ask yourself “Is this really real, is this really happening or is this just a relapsed acid trip.” He used that to touch on Black tacos and a Black president “Two fucking things you thought you would never see.” His bit on living in the era of busting one another the “AH ha!” era where every phone has a camera to “Catch a motherfucker” had me in tears.

Charlie Murphy killed it. He stuck around to sign his new book “The Making of a Stand-Up Guy” I have not read it but I plan to. I never thought I would be sitting in the Vogue watching the real Gusto, no fake ass rapping bag head, bohemian Gusto, the real guy – in Vancouver. Obviously those hecklers havent seen CB4 cause who would heckle Gusto? Not me…

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