Collie Buddz in Vancouver

Reggae artist Collie Buddz played to a sold out Straight Goods Thursdays @ Bar None last thursday night. The ladies swooned over his dashing rude bwoy looks in a room hyped with energy. Most people were simply happy to escape the door pour outside as they battled with Will Call (the hardest working, army of one Will Call in the business) to get in but most were hyped over seeing Mr Buddz. Despite the audience looking like a bunch of wet puppies and men out numbering women 3 to 1, the night was still a blast.

The show began with resident DJ’s Flipout and Jay Swing murdering the turntables, playing both popular and the oldest underground reggae and dancehall  outside of Thursdays at Astoria. There is a reason these two are Vancouver‘s most popular urban DJ’s, they are sick. The crowd was in to it and surprisingly many seemed to know the tunes despite not being a typical reggae crowd. It felt more hip hop and mainstream in there than a regular sweaty, grindy, wine down reggae jam.
DJ/Hip hopstress Miss Erica Dee kicked things off with a hipster fresh look that I adored. Even though most people were not familiar with her it was hard not to be drawn in to her energy and her skills. She started off with a freestyle that was playful and pulled in elements of the night into the flow. Her tracks were playful with clever hooks and heavy basslines. She is a talented artist, her energy alone will send her to big things, looking forward to seeing her again.

When Collie Buddz came out most people were unaware that the show had started. He is a little dude and the crowd towered over him blocking him from view. He hopped up on a stage block during the first song and people started to cheer as they probably suspected he had started but seeing is believing.

This is why Bar None is not an ideal place for a show. The stage area is awkwardly pushed into the corner beside the DJ booth. The linear tunnel shape of the venue funnels people into the center of the place clogging up the belly of the room. Although once he got up on a box on the stage  it wasn’t as bad. People began to spread out as he became visible from other areas of the room.

Collie performed with vigor, attacking his tracks with smooth precision. He wore a purple button up shirt and a light grey tie and reminded me of Sean Paul a little. Mr Buddz does not fit the mold of what one thinks is a reggae singer. It is a bit of a wonder to hear what comes out of this little white dude from Bermuda/New Orleans. Personally I love it when cultural lines and race blur. It is a ridiculous notion that reggae must be sung by black people from Jamaica in order to be good or authentic. Music comes from culture and from your soul not your skin or proximity to Jamaica.

Collie Buddz surprised me by playing his new track “Come Down” a track that has wore tread on my ipod’s speakers from heavy rotation. When he dropped his signature classic track “Come Around” the crowd erupted and the familiar scent represented by his name filled the room. This must have encouraged him to jump into the popular weed scented anthem “Sensimilla”. People in the crowd wasted no time sparking whatever they had left to add the correct atmosphere for the track.

All kinds of unique and peculiar dance styles were broken out as people caught the rhythm and busted loose. Collie finished with “Blind to You” and I noticed how much he sounded just like his mp3. I have high respect for artist that do not alter their sound in the studio and can deliver top quality live.

Collie Buddz delivered a high to all those that attended his reggae session. When he comes back to Vancouver though it needs to be in a larger venue so the show can accommodate all those left in the rain.

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