A New Way To Eat Sushi? What’s wrong with the old way?

I adore sushi, to an obsessive level. I need to have sushi once a week minimum and have evolved my raw fish and rice appetite to the point where a basic all-you-can-eat dump isn’t going to cut it. I have found several quality, delicious sushi spots in our city that are very affordable and taste fresh and fantastic.

This is why the idea of Sushi Poppers disgusts and intrigues me. I am certain that I will not like a product like this but it does remind me of when I first found an appetite for california rolls and taught myself how to operate the two little sticks. There is a nostalgia in Sushi Poppers that makes me think that if it was my first sushi experience I may have liked it.

Although I can confidently say this product would not last 15 minutes in Vancouver as we are far too sophisticated in our sushi pallets to eat up such a gimmick. The only “sushi on a stick” type product we would and do accept is a large sushi roll/cone from Michi on the corner of Broadway and Granville or the counter of Whole Foods – One of my favourites!

I really dislike the way Sushi Popper president Lucas First is acting like he is curing some issue with sushi. “The sushi fell all over me, the soy sauce went everywhere…” Really? Where were you eating it, on a roller coaster? Sushi is not a messy food unless you do not know how to use chopsticks. I will give you a pass to sell your gimmicky food but don’t bash the classic. The “new way to eat sushi” really isn’t a new way at all. The old way or simply THE way to eat sushi is going no where buddy. Your refrigerated 2-day old sushi is not changing anything besides perhaps introducing sushi to some that may have never tried it and perhaps making a few others sick.

Surprisingly, this guys appears to be killing it with his Sushi Poppers, well who knows maybe he is, it is hard to tell.  In the interview he also says “…so far we have sold more than 25,000, I’d say even more than that…” You don’t know how many you have sold? Hmmm sounds fishy to me.

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5 thoughts on “A New Way To Eat Sushi? What’s wrong with the old way?

  1. Donovan Mahoney on said:

    I’ll eat anything as long as its stopped moving for at least 7 min

  2. I went to Michi for some takeout sushi poppers and they’re quite expensive. I’d take my regular sushi to go, please.

  3. Yes I agree it can be a little pricey but they are delicious. I crave them and usually buy them from Whole Foods. Regular sushi is the best but hard to eat when you are driving.

  4. Lora Frost on said:

    So I recently went out and tried the house roll at Nao Sushi (Japanese chefs… so good). The roll was so large that it fell apart when I tried to lay it on it’s side. What is the etiquette for using chopsticks with something like this?

    • For the big rolls I use my fingers. But my girlfriend would just labor through with her sticks. I suppose whatever works for you is best as long as you don’t mind potential disapproving stares.

      Where is Nao Sushi?

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