Musical Rainstorms – An Umbrella That Sings In The Rain

Living in Vancouver we are forced to form a relationship with the rain. Some complain and choose to have a sour relationship with it, while others choose to make the best of it. I was planning on saving this post for when Vancouver inevitable rainy season began but that season is reluctant to come. No complaints here. Our weather has been marvelous I love the rain but I am happy for the delay in its pending prolonged stay. Now for those that are a little sour with all the rain we no doubt on the way there is a product that may help change that relationship with the rain. The way I see it you can either pout or you can find a way to play and have some fun.

The Rain Drum may be that fun, it combines the game Rock Band and Gene Kelly‘s “Singing in the Rain” with 2010 ingenuity. The umbrella is made by designer Dong Min Park. It is an innovative umbrella that has mounted sound inputs on the top exterior of the umbrella that makes different drum noises when the raindrops hit them. Five wax-cloth made coverings with varying elasticities attached to the shade of the umbrella, creating a range of tones and frequencies,  which vary depending on the size and speed of the raindrop.

An instrumental rainfall can bring joy to most rainy days. Imagine if these crazy gadgets were adopted by the city? All of the various Vancouver Rain drum solos would make for an interesting rainy day ensemble. It is too bad they made it look like a Cirque Du Soleil prop and not something that most people want to carry. Hopefully version 2.0 will come in something basic black or at least Cool Kid funky and less Bozo the Clown. Nonetheless I would buy one and drive my girlfriend crazy making up songs to the different beats.

My rain drum – rainstorm party would sound like Travis Barker.

Photo 1 courtesy of Leonard John Michaels on Flickr.

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