An Executive view of Ozzy Osbourne @ Rogers Arena

I was invited by twitter friend @maryinvancity to attend the Ozzy Osbourne show at Rogers Arena last night as a guest blogger. The voice of a 61 year old Rockstar Ozzy Osbourne declared “let the madness begin,” to kick off the show and the truly VIP experience in the Metropolis hot seats. These seats were certainly hot, they included; a perfect birds eye view of the stage — close but safe from the spray of Ozzy’s ‘hose’ and a fully catered executive viewing suite jammed with food and drinks. The others that shared the box with me had entered to win tickets simply by filling in a ballot at Metropolis @ Metrotown customer service or by following them on Facebook. @Maryinvancity tells me that they are giving pairs of tickets for all shows and Canucks games at Rogers Arena.

The executive suite was obviously an ideal place to check out the OG of Heavy Metal as he delivered a never-ending show that peeled through some of the best rock songs of the past and present. Many criticize the rock juggernaut for his degraded vocals. This may be true but irrelevant given the fact that the audience doesnt care. As long as he sings Black Sabbath and Ozzy classics like…

Halford opened the show and lead singer Rob Halford from Judas Priest laid down familiar screaming vocals and got the crowd ready to rock to The Prince of Darkness.

To read the rest of the review on Beyond Robson please click HERE.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Javillonar

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