Take Notice Thursdays: A New Nicawho Weekly Column

Take Notice is a new weekly column on my Nicawho blog. It is a new tool I plan to use to help my readers discover new artists.

We are entering into a brand new age for music. People are no longer buying music, downloading has become the standard. This is bad news for the record labels but good news for us; music lovers, appreciators and hum-alongers. Artists no longer need to make a ‘certain type of record’ in order for a record label to push them. They have become free to make whatever album their creative hearts desire.

This new reality coupled with tools like Myspace, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter has all but made the record company ‘deal’ useless. Musicians can broadcast their sound to an audience just as easy as a label can for them, but for free. The savviness of their marketing and quality of their sound the only factors to catch a viral following.

This also means there are thousands of new bands, duos and solo artists out there creating original content and broadcasting their sound. Take Notice will introduce you to the ones that you should pay attention to as they have set themselves apart from the rest with something original, unique and/or with their raw talent.

Take Notice Thursdays will be posted every Thursday, hence the name. Take Notice will be the place where you can find your next favourite artist. So every Thursday, stop by for a visit and get ready to take notice.

Photo courtesy of isayx3 on Flickr.

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