Take Notice: Das Racist, Seriously Silly rap

Hipster fresh DA RACIST is this weeks Take Notice artist. The Brooklyn based hip-hop duo is made up of Victor Vazquez and Himanshu Suri. The two are not a books cover to be judged but are a refreshing reminder that music is larger than appearance. Their style is unorthordox and borderline geeky but it is hella fun and dope.

A lot of people are dismissing them as fad/trendy joke rap and hating on them for a lack of substance. These people are missing the magic to the music. The fact is these guys are fresh and not Will Smith 90’s ‘fresh’ but like a newly discovered mango in a hidden rainforest type ‘fresh’ — the same but different. They also remind us not to take ourselves so seriously and with playful, insightful and sometimes wacky lyrics convey the kind of horsing around most did as teenagers — careless silly fun.

Do people dismiss The Beastie Boys, Run DMC, De La Soul or even Will Smith because there was comedy in their raps? Of course not, these artists are heralded as pioneers. I can only guess that most of the discrimination comes from them being hipsters, and not just any hipsters, Williamsburg hipsters, the epicenter and home to the original re-creation of the hipster image – aggressively hipster. Right now it is cool to hate hipsters. Sadly people that do this ignore the fact that these guys are talented no matter the outfit or look. With their smooth rhyming style they really shouldn’t be ignored.

Das Racist have two mixtapes currently out Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down Man both available for a 50cent download (click links to download). I am not sure when they’re album is coming out or if an album is coming out but I do know this these guys are dope, so eat up the music thats available. Put aside all the stuff that is not the music, slip into their sound and have some fun. You should Take Notice of Das Racist, not that they care if you do or not.

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