Take Notice: Das Racist – LISTEN

Last weeks Take Notice artist Das Racist did not get the usual attention Take Notice artist tend to get but what can I say, pre-Christmas is a busy time (sorry guys). Unfortunately it got lost in the fold. So I am delaying the new Take Notice artist announcement – gonna be a good one! – and I am dedicating the day to properly informing you wonderful readers about how sic these guys really are.

Lets start by featuring my two fave songs from the Hip hop jesters. Cleverly these lyricists deliver sharp insightful lyrics on “Who’s That Brown” and “You Oughta Know” both from their first mixtape Shut Up, Dude.

“Who’s that Brown” is the first Das Racist song that I found. I was instantly attracted to the smooth flow. Honestly please tell me you are not feeling this and I will be shocked. Remember, who cares what they look like, how they dress etc. That shouldn’t matter if it does, dammit close your eyes BUT keep your ears open.

Lastly we got “You Oughta Know” the song that won me over with witty lines and a mumbled hum that sticks in my head whenever I dare play it. The most important point to remember when you listen to these guys is NO ONE ELSE IS DOING THIS. They are bringing back something that wasn’t ever here, at least not in this form.

Download both mixtapes here for 50cents each.

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Photo courtesy of Kyle johnson via Chart Attack.

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