Dr Dre – Kush LISTEN n WATCH

Dr Dre has taken a hiatus on his hiatus. For some reason he simply stopped making music. Then about 25 years ago (exaggeration) word came out that he was releasing Detox. Supposed singles from Detox continued to leak from the album and it became clear that this album was more of an myth or an idea then an actual project. The first single off the elusive Detox was “Under Pressure” ft Jay Z. ” Dre starts the song off by saying “The long awaited Detox trick, maybe I don’t wanna stop, maybe I dont wanna quit.” GOOD please don’t quit. As Eminem sings ‘”I Need a Dr” to bring me back to life.’ The music industry has been missing the influence and power that is Dr Dre.

We are talking about a new album from one of the most iconic figures in rap EVER. He was the life blood of NWA, he introduced Snoop Dogg, dropped the Chronic AND introduced Eminem AND reintroduced a newly packaged 50 Cent AND resurrected the power that is The Game, Really? Who is this dude Barry Gordy? NO ONE has done what Dre has for as long as Dre has. He is simply the best, hands down.

Finally though it looks like the album may actually be coming out. It may actually be real! Dre even released a video for the 2nd single off Detox which features Akon and Snoop. It is important to note that there is no Snoop Dogg like a Snoop Dogg with Dr Dre. His doggystyle simply needs a Dre beat, he just sounds better. Dr Dre may have spent the majority of his hiatus at Jenny Craig, its not like homie was fat but he has become a rather slim 40 year old.

The video is slick and I believe was shot with a phantom giving the freeze time element to it. Check it out let me know what you think.

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