The Cool Kids: When Fish Ride Bicycles – NEWS

Who says Twitter is not useful. Fresh from the impulsive video shoot of  “Big TalkChuck Inglish tweets about the much anticipated When Fish Ride Bicycles. The album has been in a hiatus for years. Apparently these cool kids had record deal issues and had to sue the label to get out. Whatever the outcome it looks like the album is FINALLY on its way out.

Chuck explains it best.

Tweet #1 – we just want to do what hasn’t been done in rap. capture that feeling that made you love the shit in the first place.

Tweet #2 – the soundtrack to a good ass time.

Tweet #3 – gone fishing, merry christmas, tacklebox we did all these mixtapes, because we couldnt put WFRB (When Fish Ride Bicycles) out. not because we didnt have it done

Tweet #4 – if you tie all those mixtapes together, thats what “when fish ride bicycles” would’ve sounded like in 2008

Tweet #5 – but we got caught in a bad deal, we had to sue the label… couldnt release new music. so WFRB turned into a couple mixtapes

Tweet #6 – but imagine what the shit sounds like now.. its like the world gave us time to get dangerous.. so fuck it.

Tweet #7 – “big talk” is not on the album. or on a mixtape. it was just how we felt one Wednesday afternoon.

Sir Michael of the Rocks chimed in as well:
Tweet: Me and chuck album coming Jan. My solo joint coming right after that. Then another album from me and chuck after that. And it Don’t stop.

Hell ya.

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Photo courtesy of Above and Beyond Magazine.

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