Take Notice: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, Making it Happen

Take Notice, Vermont, NicawhoThis weeks #TakeNotice group Grace Potter & the Nocturnals perfectly display the new paradigm occurring in the music industry. This band from Vermont spent the last 5 years touring extensively and has built an organic following one stage at a time all over America. They literally played 100s of shows a year. During this time they released several records but the key was that they got out and created fans by performing for them.

We are finally moving away from an industry that is run solely by record sales, large record labels and music videos that are filmed in some over dressed studio. Fans now want music that feels like life: live performances, emotion and intimate experiences. Few do it better than Grace and her Nocturnal bunch.

Audiences can not help but to fall in love with the jazzy, rock n roll melodies that lead singer Grace Potter pours blues inspired vocals over. With no help from Hogwarts, Potters voice seems magical with range, texture and experience etched within each chord. The raspy voice becomes clear to hit those higher notes. She also happens to be gorgeous — in a dead sexy, America’s sweetheart kind of way. Usually I hate comparisons but journalists are comparing her to rock’n’roll greats Joan Jett and Janice Joplin and I agree, hell yeah!, that is spot on; “pulling out otherworldly howls that channel the best of Patti Smith and Joan Jett. It’s absolutely inspiring to hear a vocalist so unafraid to be completely raw.” (Georgia Straight)

The full 5 piece band includes original members Matt Burr on drums and Scott Tournet on guitar and rounding out their sound is Catherine Popper on bass and Benny Yurco on the second guitar. The five piece sound is full and alive and blended with Grace’s vocals are a real treat.

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals have recently announced yet another tour and here is the best part. They are coming to Vancouver! (Click here for details) the Nocturnal band is known for their live shows and I can not wait to se it for myself. The first must see concert of the year is here, be there.

Bands around the world need to truly Take Notice of one of America’s hardest working bands. Potter and her Nocturnals emote rhythm and bring back a piece of rock n roll that has long been lost, misplaced and forgotten, Soul.

Photo courtesy of theaudioperv.com.

Twitter: @GracePotter

Facebook: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Tour schedule: http://www.gracepotter.com/shows

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