Hot Ticket: Das Racist, Interpol, D12, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals and more.

GPN Many have asked what happened to the Hot Ticket. Why have I stopped doing it? Well the show season goes cold from Christmas until around…now. It is simply a sad truth of the holidays and the lull that is January. But this is February (next week anyway). So it is time to get it back going. I do not think we could have picked a better lineup for the first Hot Ticket of the year.

THURSDAY JAN 27TH / INTERPOL / ORPHEUM / 884 Granville St / $52 / ALL AGES

One of NYC’s great indie-punk bands INTERPOL visits us in Vancouver tonight. I am excited to hear them live as I have followed their career since 2002. The rhythmic throb of Interpol guitar, bass and drums has always reminded me of a old 70’s blues band. I always envisioned they would become something like what the Black Keys are now —  I was wrong. Despite them being Dengler-less I am expecting a wicked show. Although an Orpheum show can only ever be so good.

WATCH: Favourite Song – “PDA

THURSDAY JAN 27TH / DAS RACIST / FORTUNE / 147 East Pender / $15 / 19+

The freshest rhyme spitting hipsters to ever grace a mic DAS RACIST are in Vancouver tonight as well. This was a tough call for me as I missed them when they were here a few months ago. They were featured as Take Notice artists AND on a previous hot ticket. So why no go — the Interpol show was announced ages ago and that was already pre-arranged. Funny how there are little to no shows for two months then on my first night back BOOM — 2, Boo. if you can make it to this show, best $15 ya ever spent. Trust.

WATCH: Favourite Song – “Who’s That Brown”


To be honest I do not know much about VINCE VACCARO before May of 2010 when he made it through as a top 20 in the Peak Performance Project. I remember when I saw his last name I thought ‘hmm that would be a lot of points in Scrabble’ — wow I’m such a nerd.  Turns out the Victoria native has been scoring ever since. He popularity has rapidly grown and his roots-rock Vic island sound feels like a day surfing at Sombrio or chilling at the Sooke pot holes. His music is positive and chill but I hear his show is neither. This is a rare hot local ticket, enjoy.

WATCH: Favourite Song – “COSTA RICA

FRIDAY JAN 28TH / D12 / MOTEL / 1312 SW. MARINE DR / $30 / 19+

Yes the Dirty Dozen aka D12 are in town tonight. Also at a surprising venue, Motel Nightclub. I am sure most of you remember the Wild Coyote exquisitely tucked under the Arthur Lang bridge. I heard through the grapevine that they will be doing a lot of shows soon there. I am anxious to see what a show in that room would be like. What better then the lyrical clownery of D12; Bizarre, Kuniva, Kon Artist and Bugz to give me a sense of Motels acoustics etc. It is too bad we can’t go back 10 or so years to when Eminem aka slim Shady was in the group and the late great Proof was still around. Unfortunately these days D12 are more like D8. Honestly not sure what to expect.

WATCH: Favourite Song – “MY BAND


I have been waiting for this show since Rihanna tweeted that GRACE POTTER & THE NOCTURNALS were the band to watch and my grumpy friend Shane turned me on to them. They have quickly become one of my favourite bands. The energy of the music and the feel is a ‘new retro’, they make new songs feel like classic music. Also Grace is on fire and may win the award as the sexiest lead singer — top 3. I have heard nothing but good things about this live show and I admit yes I am holding my breath. Who would have thought that two Take Notice artist would perform in Vancouver on the same weekend. According to many fans and critics Grace et al owe their success to the strength of their live show and the amount of shows they have done over such a short time period. This is my guaranteed lock on the weekend, if you see one show choose Grace.

WATCH: Favourite Song – “Paris (Ooh La La)


Master guitarist Daniel Lanois latest project BLACK DUB is getting a lot of love. I must admit other then the rantings of several of my nerdy music friends the new project has not been on my radar. I do like what I have heard though. The most impressive part would be how the band claims to not be tied to fixed notes, They say they often record live. One take and with no overdubs.  Wow. sounds like Jay-Z.  Black Dub also gets pure love on youtube. their videos tend to be shot in first person and apparently are also not cut or edited. I am going to check out their show purely to see it and feel it for myself.

WATCH: Favourite Song: “I BELIEVE IN YOU

Photo 1 courtesy of the Westcott on Flickr.

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